Events and Venue Hire


Concert / Rehearsal Bookings at St Lawrence Jewry

Guidelines to organisations for use of the Church as a venue for concerts / rehearsals

(2021 version)



1.       Organisations and groups are very welcome to use St Lawrence Jewry and its unique atmosphere and location as a venue for concerts. Indeed, we have enjoyed a programme of lunchtime piano and organ recitals for some considerable time.


2.       Requests giving full details of date, time (access, duration of concert & the whole event) and content may be sent via e-mail or post.


3.       The content of the event should be suitable and compatible with the Christian ethos of the Church. The Guild Vicar reserves the right to peruse the content in advance of the event and, if felt necessary, to decline a request.


4.       The Church charges a facility fee. The organising body is fully and solely responsible for ticket arrangements, publicity and the financial outcome and viability of the event. The fee is usually £500 (for weekdays) or £750 (for weekends and Bank Holidays) which is up to a 4.5 hours maximum limit of church use.  If access to the Church is needed before 5pm, for rehearsal or set up, an extra fee of £75 per hour (weekdays) or £115 per hour (weekends) may be charged.  A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to reserve the date.  An additional verger fee (max 4.5 hours) of £70 (for weekdays) or £105 (for weekends and Bank Holiday) is charged to pay for the person assigned to be in the church during the concert and to close up the church afterwards. Verger's overtime fee beyond the 4.5 hours is £10 per half hour on weekdays and £15 per half hour on weekends.  The assumed access time for a concert is 5pm, with exit time set at 9:30pm.  If the event organisers are on site beyond 9:30pm, then an addition charge of £75 (for weekdays) or £90 (for weekends and Bank Holiday) per half hour or a fraction thereof will be charged to cover the extended use of the church.


5.       Rehearsals on other days are charged at £75 per hour (weekdays) or £115 per hour (weekends) plus a verger fee (max of 4.5 hours) of £70 (for weekdays) or £105 (for weekends). If the event organisers are on site beyond the maximum 4.5 hours limit or 9:30pm, an addition charge of £75 (for weekdays) or £90 (for weekends and Bank Holiday) per half hour will be charged to cover the verger’s overtime and the extended use of the church.


6.      Due to ongoing church renovation, the seating capacity is now reduced to 155, but can be extended to 185.


7.       Extra lighting and sound arrangements will be allowed only with prior permission, well before the event. The church has public liability insurance, but it does not cover booked events (e.g. concerts) by outside bodies.  The organisers should take out their own insurance cover, and (where necessary) a Temporary Events Licence from the Local Authority.  They should also undertake a risk assessment prior to their events and inform the church administrator/verger if there is any concern.


8.       The Use of the piano is charged at £25 but it will be the organiser's responsibility to have it tuned if this is deemed necessary before the concert.  We charge £50 for the use of the organ and the organiser must submit the organist's name and CV to our Music Director and Organist, Catherine Ennis, for her approval.  


9.       The church has a duty to report concert content, number of audience, box office receipts (net of VAT), detailed breakdown of the different admissions included in the receipts (e.g. General admission, standing, seating, VIP packages) and prices, as well as ticket sales platforms (e.g. primary and secondary ticket sales), booking fees and the date when the tickets went on sale to PRS for Music.  Each concert has a Performing Rights Tariff payable to PRS for Music.  This fee is chargeable to the organiser.  The church will report to PRS, pay the fee and then send the invoice for that sum to the concert organiser.  We require all concert organisers to submit to us a copy of their programme plus all information listed above at the time of the concert or soon afterwards so that we can submit them to PRS for Music who will calculate the fee.  We do this on a quarterly basis so it might take quite some time for us to send the invoice for the PRS fee.

0.       Upon arrival in the Church, the organising body should let their presence be known to the Verger on duty or the vicar before using the place for rehearsal or set up.  If any Church furniture needs moving, the organising body will be responsible to seek permission first from the Verger on duty or the Vicar before moving anything, and will need to replace to original positions after use.


11.       Because of the Church’s unique location there is no parking available.  If you need to discuss deliveries, etc.  please get in touch.  We do not have a right of access to Guildhall Yard.  Any access allowed by the City of London Corporation is at their discretion, on a request from the church, and can never be guaranteed.


12.       Flowers may be put in the church at the expense of the concert organisers.


13.     The church has limited space and kitchen facilities.  However, with a little planning, it is quite possible to serve refreshments.  Please discuss this with us. If refreshments are served in the church, a refreshment fee of £100 (weekday) or £150 (weekend) is chargeable. Hire of wine glasses (max 200) is also available at £25.


14.   Opening and Locking-up: the church will provide either someone on site to give access or instructions as to access, keys and locking procedures. It is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that the church is kept secure at all times.


In the first instance, it would be best to contact Verger/Administrator Arnel Sullano, who is in charge of concert/rehearsal bookings, through his email or by phone 0207 600 9478.


Thank you, and we hope your event is successful and fruitful.