2015 April - July Piano Programmes

Monday lunchtime Piano recitals


Our Monday lunchtime piano recitals have run for more than three decades now and we are proud that we have a particularly interesting piano for our artists to play, a fine Steinway Concert Grand Piano. Built in 1926, it was previously one of Steinway’s concert hire fleet with the number 967Y.  It then had various owners, the most famous being was Sir Thomas Beecham. 


We have continued to ensure that we offer opportunities for young musicians at the beginning of their careers. In this series there are three Prizewinners of the Worshipful Company of Musicians (WCM) playing as part of our joint Scheme.  We also look forward to welcoming Samson Tsoy (who has played previously in the WCM scheme) with Pavel Kolesnikov (currently a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist) to play four hands on 20th April.   We also have the return of some old friends, particularly Tessa Uys and Anna Le  Hair, who as well as being wonderful pianists, are part of the group that organise our piano recital series.


Admission is free, but the expenses of our music ministry are considerable. We are most grateful for your generosity in the retiring collection.


Monday 6 April             No recital                                    Easter Monday    


Monday 13 April                                  Yasmin Rowe  

Partita No 2 in C minor                                                                            Bach

Rhapsody B minor Op 79                                                                    Brahms

  Rhaposdy G minor Op 79                                                                       

Ballade No 4 Op 52 in F minor                                                               Chopin

Yasmin Rowe performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company


Monday 20 April                             Samson Tsoy and Pavel Kolesnikov

Selections from 6 Morceaux Op 11                                       Rachmaninov

The Rite of Spring                                                                  Stravinsky

Monday 27 April                                             Ke Ma   

Sonata in D major K 311                                                             Mozart

Symphonic Etude                                                                   Schumann

Ke Ma performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company


Monday 4 May       No recital                                                  Bank Holiday


Monday 11 May                                                         Kristiina Rokashevich

Carnaval Op 9                                                                              Schumann

  1. Preambule 2. Pierrot 3. Arlequin 4. Valse noble 5. Eusebius 6. Florestan 7. Coquette 8. Replique -. Sphinxes 9. Papillons 10. A.S.C.H. - S.C.H.A: Lettres Dansantes 11. Chiarina 12. Chopin 13. Estrella 14. Reconnaissance 15. Pantalon et Colombine 16. Valse allemande -. Intermezzo:Paganini 17. Aveu 18. Promenade 19. Pause 20. Marche des “Davidsbundler” contre les Philistins

Monday 18 May                                   Elizabeth Rossiter 

from Pieces de Clavecin 6e ordre                                                     Couperin

    Les barricades mysterieuses

    Les bergeries

from Das Wolhtemperierte Klavier Book 1                                          JS Bach

   Prelude and Fugue in B flat major BWV 866

   Prelude and Fugue in B flat minor BWV 867

Sonata in A minor K310                                                                      Mozart

   Allegro maestoso  Andante cantabile con expressione  Presto

Sonatine                                                                                             Ravel

   Modere   Mouvement de menuet  Anime

Elizabeth Rossiter performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company


Monday 25 May             No recital                                            Bank Holiday


1st June                                                                                    Tessa Uys

Rondo in D major K 485                                                                    Mozart

   12 Variations on “Ah,vous dirai-je Maman! K265                               

4 Impromptus D. 899                                                                    Schubert

   C minor-E flat major-G flat major-A flat major


8th June                                                                                   Tessa Uys

3 Sonatas                                                                                       Scarlatti

    E major  Longo 21

    G major Longo 349

    C major Longo 104                                               

Adagio in B minor K540                                                                     Mozart

Variations Opus 22                                                John McCabe (1939-2015)

Legende:St Francois de Paule marchant sur les flots                         Liszt


15th June          A Recital in Memory of Neil Solomon           Tessa Uys

Adagio in D minor                                                                Bach/Marcello

Sonata 1.X.1905                                                                    Janacek

    'From the Street'

    The Presentiment

    The Death

6 Moment Musicaux D. 780                                                 Schubert

Widmung   Op. 25 No.1                                                        Schumann/Liszt


22nd June                                                                             Tessa Uys 

All- Beethoven Programme

Eccossaises in E flat major WooO83

Sonata No.14, Op.27 No 2, in C sharp minor


Sonata No.23,Op.57, in F minor



Monday 29 June                                                                  Clelia Iruzun

4 Brazilian Tangos                                                                     Nazareth     

    Escovado   Fantastica   Ameno Resdede  Suculento

Waltz Op 34 No 1                                                                       Chopin

    Ballade Op 23 No 1

Scenes d’Enfants                                                                        Mompou

    Cris dans la rue

    Jeuz sur la plage

    Jeu 2

    Jeu 3

    Jeunes filles au jardin

Union Paraphrase on National Airs                                                 Gottschalk


Monday 6 July                                                                       Rika Zayasu

Piano Sonata No 2 Op 36                                                Rachmaninoff

Op 45 - 1                                                                            Scriabin

    Piano Sonata No 3 Op 23


Monday 13 July                                                           Matthew McCombie

Preludes Op 23                                                                        Rachmaninov



Keyboard Sonata No 38 in F major, Hob. XVI/23                                 Haydn



     Finale: Presto

Annees de Pelerinage, Deuzieme Annee - Italie                                  Liszt

    Sonetto 104 des Petrarca

Le tombeau de Couperin                                                                   Ravel




Monday 20 July                                                                    Anna Le Hair

Variations in F minor Hob. XVIII/6                                                      Haydn

Prelude in C major op 12 no 7                                                       Prokofiev

3 pieces from “On an overgrown path”                                              Janacek

  1. A blown-away leaf
  2. The Madonna of Frycek
  3. The barnowl has not flown away!

Improvisation                                                                                      Faure

Nocturne in D flat major                                                                      Faure

Sonatina no 2                                                                     Leighton                       

  1. Allegro
  2. Andante sostenuto
  3. Allegro molto


Monday 27 July                                                              Kanae Furomoto

Fantasia on Greensleeves                                                Vaughan-Williams

from 10 Pieces from Romeo and Juliet op 75                                  Prokofiev

    The Young Juliet

    Montagues and Capulets

Suite from Much ado about nothing Op 11                                      Korngold

    Maiden in the Bridal Chamber

    Dogberry and Verges (March of the Watch)

    Masquerade (Hornpipe)

Desdemona/Ophelie                                                                   Mel Bonis

Wedding March and Dance of the Fairies                                            Liszt

    (from A Midsummer Night;s Dream) S.410, R.219