Jan-Mar 2016 Piano Programmes

Monday Lunchtime Piano Recitals


Our Monday lunchtime piano recitals have run for very many years and we are proud that we have a particularly interesting piano for our artists to play, a Steinway which belonged to Sir Thomas Beecham.  Admission is free, but the expenses of our music ministry are considerable and we are most grateful for your generosity in the retiring collection. 

The Spring 2016 Series of Recitals continues to be a mix of pianists who have played before and new pianists, usually at the start of their careers. In this series there are two Prizewinners of the

Worshipful Company of Musicians (WCOM) playing as part of our joint Scheme. We thank the WCOM for their continuing support. Peter

Williamson, a Liveryman of the Company, is one of the group of people who look after the recitals. Other members of the group who help and introduce are Tessa Uys and Anna Le Hair (also both pianists who play for us), Muriel Cullen (who has been part of the team for many years) and Ruth Common (the main point of contact and arranger of the recitals). We all particularly enjoy the response of our audience to the recitals.


January 4                                                                              Ivan Hovorun                             

Grande etude de perfectionnement Ab Irato S.143                F. Liszt

Three Concert Etudes S.144; Two Concert Etudes S.145


January 11                                                                             Ben-San Lau 

Sonetto 104 del Petrarca S.161/5                                                   F. Liszt

From “trois edudes de concert S.144

La leggierezza; Un sospiro

Images set 2                                                                               C. Debussy

Cloches a travers les feuilles;

Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut

Poissons d’or

Ballade No 1 in G minor Op.23                                                     F. Chopin

Ben-San Lau performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company


January 18                                                                       Saki Matsumoto

Sonata in A flat major Op.110                                                   Beethoven

Fantasie in C major Op.17                                                        Schumann

Durchaus fantastisch und leidenschaftlich vorzutragen;

im Lagenden-Ton

Ballade No 2                                                                                       F. Liszt


January 25                                                                            Piano A Deux

                                                             (Linda Ang and Robert Stoodley)

Bach goes to Paris                                           JS Bach arr Ang/Stoodley

Allegro Brillante Op 92                                                     F. Mendelssohn

Hungarian Dances                                                                      J. Brahms

No 7 in A major

No 6 in D flat major

Dein ist Mein Gauzes Herz                             F. Lehar arr Ang/Stoodley

Fruhlingsstimmen                                         J. Strauss arr Ang/Stoodley


February 1                                                         Eizabeth Rossiter

Les Barricades Mysterieuses                                      F. Couperin

Les Bergeries, Rondo

English Suite No 2 in A minor                                       J. S. Bach 

Night and Silence                                                             Ed Nesbit

Jeux d’eau                                                              M Ravel                                                                     

Elizabeth Rossiter performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company.


February 8                                                                     Nafis Umerkulova

Sonata in A minor K.310                                                                   Mozart

Etude Op 25 No 7                                                                             Chopin

Etude Op 8 No 12                                                                            Scriabin

Petites esquisses d’oiseaux                                                       Messiaen

Le Rouge-gorge

La Merie noir

l’Aloutte des champs

Sonata No  2                                                                                Prokofiev                                                           

February 15                                                                       Ben Schoeman

Preludes Book 2                                                                         C Dubussy

   i. Brouillards

vii. La terasse des audiences du clair de lune

viii. Ondine

xii. Feux d’artifice


Arabeske, Op 18                                                                    R. Schumann

Carnaval Op 9

(Preambule-Pierrot-Arlequin-Valse noble-Euseblus-Florestan-Coquette-Replique-Papillons-A.S.C.H/S.C.H.A (lettres dansantes)-Chiarina-Chopin-Estrella-Reconnaisance-Pantalon et Colombine-Valse allemande-Paganini-Aveu-Promenade-Pause-Marche des ‘Davidsbundler’ contre les Phillistins)


February 22                                                                  Alasdair Macaskill

Sonata in F major K.332                                                                    Mozart

Allegro-Adagio-Allegro assai

Etudes Tableaux                                                                     Rachmaninoff

Op 39 No 8 in D minor

Op 33 No 5 in G minor

Op 33 No 2 in C major

Op 39 No 4 in B minor

Estampes                                                                                    C. Debussy


La soiree dans Grenade

Jardins sous la pluie


February 29                                                                         Michaal Leach

Sonata in B minor K.377                                                                Scarlatti

Sonata in E major K.380

Sonata in A minor K.54

On an Overgrown Path, Book 1                                                    Janacek

Nase vecery - Our Evenings

Listek odvanuty - A Blown-away Leaf

Pojd’te s nami! - Come with Us!

Frydecka panna Maria - The Madonna of Frydecke

Stebetaly jak lastovicky - They Chattered like Swallows

Jeux d’eau                                                                                             Ravel

Papillons Op 2                                                                             Schumann


March 7                                                                                   Maite Aguirre

At the piano with Granados

Valses Poeticos                                                                            Granados

Danzas Espanolas Op 37

Libro 1:  Galante, Oriental, Fandango

Libro 2: Villanesca, Andaluza


La Maja y el ruisenor

El Pele


Monday 14 March                                                         Kanae Furomoto

A programme with the theme of water

Sonata No 2 Op 19                                                                          Scriabin

Reflets dons l’eau                                                                          Debussy

Barcarolle                                                                                           Chopin

El lago                                                                                               Mompou

Canzona fluviala                                                                               Metner

Les jeux d’eaux a la Villa d’Este                                                          Liszt


March 21                                                                 Maria Razumovskaya

Chaconne                                                                                Bach-Busoni

Images                                                                                Bernard Reichel

Claire de Lune                                                                                Debussy


March 28                                                      Easter Monday - No Recital