September to October 2016 Programmes



1 pm

Monday Lunchtime Piano Recitals

Our Monday lunchtime piano recitals have run for very many years and we are proud that we have a particularly interesting piano for our artists to play, a Steinway which belonged to Sir Thomas Beecham.  Admission is free, but the expenses of our music ministry are considerable and we are most grateful for your generosity in the retiring collection.

We are welcoming back in this series, among others, Sharon Barnea and Fami Choi Castro, Hiroaki Takenouchi (who first played when he was a pupil of Yonty Solomon) and Mikhail Shilyaev (who first played as part of the Worshipful Company of Musicans and SLJ Scheme).  There are some pianists new to us (Alex Kirk and Sohyun Park).    It is interesting to note that there appears to be a theme with Schumann and Chopin figuring in most recitals but we are sure you will enjoy the range of music being played. 

5 September 2016                         Yasmin Rowe  

Arabeske                                                                         Schumann

Suite Op 14                                                                          Bartok

Humoreske                                                                      Schumann

Yasmin Rowe performs through the joint St Lawrence Jewry and Worshipful Company of Musicians Scheme for young prizewinners of the Company


12 September 2016                                     Hiroaki Takenouchi

Three Musical Sketches Op 10                              Sterndale Bennett

Jeux d’eau                                                                             Ravel

Ballade No 2 Op 38                                                               Chopin

Symphonic Etudes op 13                                                     Schumann


19 September 2016                                                  Alex Kirk 

Holiday Diary Suite Op 5                                                             Britten

Carnaval Op 9                                                                      Schumann


26 September 2016                                                   Sohyun Park

Sonata in A major K113                                                         Scarlatti

The Well-Tempered Clavier BWV 867 in B flat minor                      Bach

Prelude “The Dance of Puck”                                                  Debussy

Image No 1

Ballade No 4                                                                            Chopin


3 October 2016                                                   Mikhail Shilyaev

Four Scherzi                                                                             Chopin

Op 20, Op 31, Op 39, Op 54


10 October 2016                            Catherine Ying Yao Cheung

Fantasie in F minor, Op 49                                                         Chopin

Nocturne in D flat major, Op 27 No 2

Prelude and Nocturne for Left Hand, Op 9                                  Scriabin

Sonata No 5


17 October 2016             Sharon Barnea and Fami Choi Castro

Dolly Suite Op 56                                                                       Faure

  1. Berceuse
  2. Mi-a-ou
  3. Le Jardin de Dolly
  4. Kitty-Valse
  5. Tendresse
  6. Le Pas Espagnol

Sonata in D for Piano Duet K.381(123a)                                      Mozart

Allegro, Andante, Allegro molto

Waltzes Op 39                                                                            Brahms


24 October 2016                                                    Madelaine Jones

7 Fantasien, Op 116                                                                 Brahms

Etudes, Op 56 (No 2 and No 4)                                      Kenneth Leighton

Scherzo No 2, Op 31                                                                   Chopin


31 October 2016                                               Manuel Lopez Jorge

Apres une Lecture de Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata                          Liszt

Prelude and Fugue BWV867 in B flat minor                                       Bach

Sonata No 2 Op 35 in B flat minor                                                  Chopin