December 2021 Piano Recital Programmes

St Lawrence Jewry Church

Monday Piano Lunchtime Recital Series



6th December                                                           Anna Le Hair

Arabesque No.1                                                          Claude Debussy

Prelude VII: Plainte Calme                                           Olivier Messaien

Nocturne No.3 in Ab major Op.33 No.3                         Gabriel Faure

Nocturne No.1 in C major                                            Francis Poulenc

Partridge Pie                                                                Richard Rodney Bennett

   A Partridge In A Pear Tree, Two-turtle Doves, Three French Hens,

   Four Calling Birds, Five Gold Rings, Six Geese A-laying,

   Seven Swans A-swimming, Eight Maids A-milking, Nine Drummers Drumming,

   Ten Pipers Piping, Eleven Ladies Dancing, Twelve Lords A-leaping

Prelude in Eb major Op.23 No.6                                  Rachmaninoff

Prelude in C minor Op.23 No.7                                     Rachmaninoff


13th December                                                            JP Ekins

Pictures at an Exhibition                                               M Mussorgsky

   The Gnome, clumsily running with crooked legs, is represented by a grotesque Nutcracker originally designed by Hartmann as a Christmas present for children.

   Promenade Il Vecchio Castello (The Old Castle), wherein we view a troubadour singing (sadly) to his beloved in front of the medieval building.

   Promenade Tuileries in Paris A tiny, tri-partite scherzo depicts children playing amid scolding nannies. The music moves lightly, quickly, full of sparkle and delight.

   Bydlo depicts a huge Polish cart drawn by oxen. The heaviness of the cart and the oxen is presented with thick, low textures and a thumping in 4/4 meter. The music quietens as the cart moves away into the distance.

   Promenade Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells for which Hartmann had designed costumes featuring eggshells with bright yellow canary heads. Quick chirps unmistakably represent the energetic chicks who bounce happily around in the piano’s upper register.

   Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle (Two Jews: rich and poor) These two portraits were owned by Mussorgsky and had been loaned to the retrospective of Hartmann’s works.

   Promenade Limoges - The Marketplace brings forth French women quarrelling violently in the market.

   Sepulchrum Romanum – Catacombs Hartmann represented himself examining the Paris catacombs by the light of a lantern. There are two sections: Largo and Andante. The Promenade theme re-emerges eerily within the context of the Andante, subtitles with the dead, in a dead language The scary

   Hut on Fowl’s Legs references Baba-Yaga, a fearsome witch in Russian folklore who lives on the edge of a forest and is one of the most exciting elements within the work. The hut has no windows or doors, and spins around in frightening behaviour. Hartmann’s drawing depicted a clock in the form of Baba-Yaga’s hut. Mussorgsky added the hair-raising vision of the witch’s flight.

   The Great Gates of Kiev is based on the sketch which was Hartmann’s design for the city gates at Kiev, conceived in the ancient Russian massive style with a cupola shaped like a Slavonic helmet. It was inspired as a tribute to old Russia, a piece of heartfelt nationalism. The music includes a baptismal hymn from the Russian Orthodox faith and moves steadily to an enormous climax and glorious tribute to Tsar Alexander II, who had recently survived an assassination attempt.


20th December                                                              Tessa Uys / Ben Schoeman

Rondo in A major, Op.107, D.951                                     Schubert

Symphony No.5 in C minor, Op.67                                   Beethoven-transcribed for

                                                    piano duo, 4 hands by Franz Xaver Scharwenka