City of London Freemen's School Service

In 1854, The City of London Freemen’s Orphan School opened in Ferndale Road, Brixton for “the maintenance and the religious and virtuous education of orphans of Freemen of the City of London”. The new School was paid for by the Corporation of London. From the outset orphaned girls as well as boys were enrolled, making it one of the oldest co-educational independent schools. In 1926, the school moved into their present location in Ashtead Park, Surrey and changed their omitted the word "Orphan" in its name. In 1951, Headmaster Eric Fielden organised the first ‘City Visit’ with all 250 pupils being transported to the Square Mile. Now an annual feature of the School calendar the ‘City Visit’ involves visits to places of interest in and around the City and a church service.


St Lawrence Jewry has been hosting the Commemoration Services during the school's 'City Visit'.  Due to an increase of student numbers, there are 2 services on that day: morning for the Junior students and afternoon for the Senior students.  This is the only time of the year that the church is fully filled with children.  The school's governors and staff also attend these services. There were around 400 and 500 attendees for the morning and afternoon service respectively.