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Pentecost Sunday
Today is Pentecost, a Christian festival to celebrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As the UK government is about to ease up the lockdown situation, let's reflect on today's readings and to listen to God's message to each one of us through the Holy Spirit that lives within us.

Sunday After Ascension
Here is David's reflection on the readings of the Sunday After Ascension, especially on the words of the angels to the disciples "why do you stand here looking into the sky?" Many, if not most, are experiencing difficulties with the prolonged lockdown period. It is during this time that we learn to appreciate little things that other people have been doing to us, like cutting of our hair. We also tend to look up to our government for guidance on what to do next. But who can we really look up to for sustenance and strength during this period of uncertainties?

Easter 6 Sermon
David's sermon on the Gospel of the 6th Sunday of Easter, reflecting on how to find comfort in Jesus' words while our lockdown continue, especially in tackling loneliness.

Easter 5 Sermon
David's reflection on the readings of 5th Sunday of Easter "I am the way, the truth and the life" and how we can find hope on those words as we continue with our Coronavirus lockdown.

Easter 4 Sermon
This is David's reflection on the readings of the 4th Sunday of Easter, inviting us to enter through God's gate to live a new life.

Easter 3 Sermon
This is David's reflection on the readings of the 3rd Sunday of Easter.

Easter 2 Sermon
This is David's sermon on the readings of the 2nd Sunday of Easter, comparing our current situation of being in lockdown to that of the disciples also being in a sort-of-lockdown situation after Jesus' resurrection.

Easter Sermon
This is David's Easter message reflecting on God's word and how we can relate to the current situation of isolation and uncertainties that we are experiencing.

Livery Greeting
Video made by David for the Livery Companies in the City of London, especially to those connected to St Lawrence Jewry

Palm Sunday Sermon
This is David's 3rd video online reflecting on how we can prepare ourselves for Holy Week